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Posted by Zoftle - 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! This is just an update on where i’ve been and why i’ve been so inactive. So if you didn’t know what’s been making me inactive, it’s school! I have to heavily focus on school and what not. But, I have NOT given up on music! I’m gonna be releasing an EP sometime this summer containing 4 songs! I also have tons of singles in the works so stay tuned :). Also another important note, I’m developing a game! It’s gonna take a long time just because it’s me and a couple of other people. But basically I’m doing all of the animations, sound effects, most of the art, etc. This is gonna be a very time consuming project, but we’ll make it worth it! Yesterday we got significant progress done on it. We implemented jumping animations, landing animations, falling animations, and idle animations! I also finished the first and second level! There’s also a game over screen, and a health system! That’s really about it, now I gotta worry about music and sounds for the time being. Anyways guys, stay hydrated, appreciate life and stay positive! I don’t want any negative force in life to bring y’all down. Anyways have a fantastic day <3


Posted by Zoftle - October 30th, 2020

Hey guys! This is a news update on saying that my music can FINALLY BE USED IN GD! After two and a half years of nonstop making songs. Someone added me to be whitelisted! (I think an elder mod) So, you guys are free to use any of my songs in your GD levels! I really appreciate all of the support guys and without the community, I would never be where I am now. So thank you guys so much! I’m very grateful for how far we have gotten. You guys are the best! - Zoftle



Posted by Zoftle - October 26th, 2019

Alright guys... If any of you are interested in 8D audio this post is where I can help you! So, you are gonna need a DAW like Fl Studio, Mixcraft, Ableton Live, etc. You should add reverb to your whole song as either a wet or dry setting. I prefer more on the wet side, but It's up to you guys. Next, you are gonna need a VST called Ambeo Orbit (dont worry, the VST is free!) Link: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/ambeo-orbit. To use it, import the VST into whatever DAW you guys use. Then create an automation clip and make it so it sounds like It's going around your head once, then copy and paste it so the automation plays for the whole entire song. If you don't know how to import VST's or how to create an automation clip, look up a tutorial on YouTube. And if you guys need any help. just message me! I hope this helps!